Eco friendly Morocco tours

Explore Morocco with locals

Morocco Green Tours is your gate to explore the real authentic Morocco, offering unique experiences that stand for sustainable tourism that help locals along the way. Customized trips to the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. Our sustainable, eco-friendly trips will take you on a transforming journey through Morocco, where nature and culture harmoniously coexist. Experience the country's magnificent splendor while reducing your environmental effects. Discover unspoiled vistas, including the magnificent Atlas Mountains, bustling seaside areas, and secret oasis. To reduce our carbon footprint and practice ethical tourism that benefit local communities, we ought to tour in small groups. Stay in eco-lodges and hotels that place an emphasis on ecological measures, such as the use of renewable energy and trash management programs. Discover local species, participate in conservation activities, and develop a greater understanding of Morocco's various ecosystems.

Morocco cultural eco-friendly tours

Nomads transhumance Morocco
Nomad transhumance walk

Share the journey with a nomad family during their traveling transhumance, a unique cultural experience of a lifetime, that takes you deep into nature and a nomad's old lifestyle. Admire the landscape while camping and so much more!

homestay with nomads
Homestay with nomad family

Morocco Green Tours offers you a homestay with a nomad family in the Atlas mountains, from mid May to September, this exceptional trip from Marrakech remains the best way to get in touch with Berber nomads for a few nights

Morocco desert trips

With our immersive Sahara desert tours, set out on an unforgettable journey through the stunning scenery of Morocco’s Sahara Desert. Feel the peace of the immense desert expanse as you gaze across the stunning golden dunes that extend as far as the eye can see. Follow historic trade routes that tell stories of nomadic tribes and illustrious history as you travel the rough terrain on camelback. Experience the breathtaking beauty of a desert sunset, which paints the sky with dazzling hues as day gives way to night.

Our Sahara desert trips are varied, authentic, and green. We design tours that give opportunities for locals and improve their life. It’s not just about enjoying a place. It’s about adding value while visiting.

trekking in Morocco

Embark on a journey of eco-conscious exploration through Morocco’s majestic landscapes, where every footstep is a testament to our commitment to sustainable travel. Traverse the verdant valleys of the High Atlas Mountains, where the harmony between nature and culture is preserved through responsible tourism initiatives. Engage with local communities, learning from their age-old wisdom on how to tread lightly upon the land. As you trek through these pristine wildernesses, our itineraries are meticulously crafted to minimize environmental impact, leaving behind only memories and footprints of appreciation for the natural wonders that surround us. With each adventure, we strive not only to awe and inspire but also to foster a deeper understanding of the delicate balance between preserving the earth’s beauty and savoring its boundless treasures for generations to come.

trekking Morocco
camel trekking in Morocco
Morocco green tours trekking

Our travel green tours in Morocco

Day trips from Marrakech:

Marrakech Day trip to the Atlas Mountains

Marrakech day trip to the Atlas mountains Enjoy our Marrakech day trip to the Atlas mountains, and explore Ourika valley, Asni, and Imlil valley at once. Visit and share a meal with locals at their...

Marrakech to Ouzoud Waterfalls day trip

Marrakech to Ouzoud waterfalls day trip Marrakech to Ouzoud waterfalls day trip itinerary: Marrakech to Ouzoud waterfalls day trip is A journey to the nature of the middle Atlas mountains, from the...

Marrakech to Essaouira day trip

Marrakech to Essaouira day trip Marrakech to Essaouira day trip overview Explore Essaouira on an excellent day trip from Marrakech, This beautiful town by the seaside, around 200km from Marrakech will...

Our Sustainable experience in Morocco

Marrakech Arts Tour

Marrakech Arts Tour – 7 days Moroccan Artisan Crafts Experience   With the Marrakech Arts Tour – 7 days Moroccan Artisan Crafts Experience, you can fully immerse yourself in...

Morocco walking holiday

Morocco Walking Holiday Join us for our Morocco Walking Holiday through the stunning landscapes of the High Atlas Mountains. This 11-day adventure to Mount Mgoun offers an immersive experience of the...

Tangier to Akchour Waterfalls Day Trip

Take an unforgettable day trip from Tangier to the captivating Akchour waterfalls and experience the allure of sustainable travel. This environmentally conscious adventure encourages you to tread...

M’goun Valley trekking in Morocco

M’GOUN VALLEY TREkKING MOROCCO M’goun Valley trekking A area of timeless beauty and tradition, the Mgoun Valley is nestled inside the rough embrace of the Atlas Mountains. This six-day...

Marrakech Farm tour

Marrakech Farm Tour: Ourika Valley Experience With our Marrakech Farm Tour at Ourika Valley Experience, go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure into the center of Morocco’s agricultural legacy. Get...

High Atlas Nomad journey

High Atlas Nomad Journey : Trekking with nomads High Atlas Nomad Journey is a transformative adventure unlike any other as you delve into the heart of Morocco’s rugged landscapes and ancient...